Kansas and Why You Should Visit.

“Wake up, you’re not in Kansas anymore.” That single line is probably the most famous line that put Kansas on the map. Or so you think! You see, Kansas City has a lot more going for it than Alice in Wonderland. If anything, here, you’ll be able to live out the true American dream! Sure Washington has its politics and history, and New York has that big lady watching over everyone. But here in Kansas? You’ll find that you’ll get even more of your money’s worth staying here than anywhere else in the U.S.

Still don’t believe me? Well, why don’t we hop on down to the rabbit hole and I’ll show you just what the BBQ capital of the world has to offer. 


Yes, one of Kansas’ nicknames is the BBQ capital in the world. So you damn well know that they’re going to serve you the best BBQ you will ever taste! In this city, you won’t even be able to go a day without probably smelling the BBQ in the air. And they’ll taste a lot better than they smell, trust me. From smoked ribs to chicken drumsticks, you’ll find that the city will be able to satisfy your BBQ cravings until you’re probably about 50! So if you’re in town, don’t turn a good slab of ribs down, you’ll regret it! 

A Romantic City. 

You’d be surprised at how romantic a city with the nickname, the BBQ capital in the world is. But Kansas really is an amazing and passionate city. With sights that will take you and your loved one’s breath away, to the nightlife where you’ll be able to really get passionate. This city has it all for those love birds who are looking for a getaway, or newlywed couples looking for a place for their honeymoon. And when you add the fact that this is the Jazz capital of the world as well, then you’ll find yourself in a scene that came out straight from the movies! 

The Fountains. 

Another nickname that the city of Kansas has is that it is the city of fountains. Now if you’re wondering why that is, well, try to think real hard on it. Did you get an idea of why now? Well, if you still don’t then here is the gist of it. Kansas has a ton of fountains across the city. I’m not even joking because around every corner you will most definitely be able to see a fountain and think that you’re going in circles. But in reality, this place really is just a whole area for fountains, and some really spectacular ones at that! So if you ever notice that there are a lot of these fountains around, just take a pic and go on to the next fountain. 


When it comes to the weird cities, then Kansas really has to take the cake here. From barbeque’s around every corner, with fountains along with them as well, you’ll find that the city is actually pretty fun and will be an experience like no other.  So if you’re looking to live out that American dream and get out of Wonderland, then Kansas is the city for you!