Three Reasons Why You Need to Visit Russia This Year

When people hear about going to Russia, they often think ill of it, thinking that all there is just communism, vodka, scary people, and just snow everywhere. And to that we say, don’t  knock it till you’ve tried it! 

Russia is more than what most people seem to think about it. It offers a ton of attractions, mouthwatering local foods, breathtaking sceneries and so much more. It’s the country where you’ll definitely be getting a unique experience than with other European countries

So to help you realize how great Russia is, we made a small compilation of reasons as to why you need to visit Russia this year. Trust us, you won’t regret a single moment of it! 

Art and Museums. 

Not a lot of people seem to appreciate just how amazing the art scene is in Russia. And because of this, they miss out on some of the most brilliant art pieces any human eye can see!  

The most notable one is the St. Petersburg Hermitage Museum, which has art that can occupy you for days on end. And that’s just a small part of the art scene in  Russia. You can also check the Moscow Museum of Modern Art and the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts if you want a little more to satisfy your art cravings. 

Russian art is highly underrated all over the world. So if you get the chance to visit  Russia, make sure to experience their museums firsthand!  You’ll be sure to enjoy your stay! 

Untouched Nature. 

Let’s face it, Russia has a huge landmass and is considered to be one of the powerhouses of the world. And because of this, there are a lot of places yet to be discovered, which makes it an adventurer’s dream! 

If you’re looking for a different kind of adventure, where you’ll be trekking the unknown, then visiting Russia would be your best bet! Take for example Siberia, with its complex system of high mountains the Altai Mountains. Also in Siberia, you can explore Lake Baikal, which is considered to be the deepest and most diverse freshwater lake in the world. 

So whether you’re looking to hike mountains, go fishing in lakes, traversing forests, or get lost in nature, then going to Russia is the best place for you! 

Enjoy the Snow. 

Listen, the snow does not have to be all bad at all! If anything it can actually be something great and unique to experience! Especially if you’re in Russia. 

In Russia, snow practically comes for most of the year, so make sure to pack some warm clothes. And if you’re going far up North, you may even get the chance to see the Northern Lights! Add to that the festivities that take place during December all the way to January which acts as Russian Christmas

Either way, the snow in Russia is something special, and is another great reason to check out the country! 


Not everybody seems to appreciate Russia as a country. It has some of the most unique takes in art, snowiest regions, and most adventurous places. It’s a mixture of great things to do, with breathtaking sceneries! So make sure you’ll catch the next flight going to Russia this year because you’re sure to enjoy it! 

Here are Three Things You Should Definitely Do While in Berlin.

The city of Berlin is known to many as the last stand of the Third Reich during World War 2. It was a city that was engulfed in a lot of conflict, and controversy but has now progressed and moved past its history, without forgetting it of course. This rich and diverse city is also the capital of Germany, and being that capital and being the source of a ton of history, it has gotten s reputation as one of the most confusing cities to visit. As people would often find themselves lost or stuck in one place throughout days because of how big the city is. 

So to help cope with that, we made a very short list of the top three things you should definitely do while you’re staying in Berlin! This will help you from getting lost or stuck and on the move to find the best that Berlin has to offer; starting with! 

The Brandenburg Gate. 

From its name itself, the Brandenburg Gate is a gate that separated East and West Berlin. And it’s pretty huge for a gate if I do say so myself. It’s been around since the 18th century and absolutely the first thing you have to visit while staying in Germany. It’s also one of the simplest and fastest places to go to! It is a historical spot that will make you appreciate just how far the city has gone from its past, how beautiful it is at its present, and the potential this uber-cool city has for the future! 

So while you’re in town, try to drop by and snap a few pictures to show off to your friends. Trust me, it’s a lot bigger than what you see in the pictures which makes it even more worth it to see the gate in person! 

Art in Museum Island. 

That is correct, there is a place in Berlin dedicated to just museums, and it is absolutely gorgeous! It is a great way to spend a day, appreciating all of the local art as well as international pieces placed among the different museums. It is an island where you really must visit and spend a day in, in order to really take the scope of it all. To get there, you’ll need to buy a 3-day museum pass and is a must if you really want to see the best that the island has to offer. 

Museums in this place include the Pergamon Museum which is the most visited museum in Europe, the Bode museum where sculptures and Byzantine art is the spectacle, Neues museum if you’re into Egyptian Art, Altes museum for all of those fans of the Greek and Roman art, and Alte Nationalgalerie which is a Natural Art Gallery with Neoclassical, Romantic and early Modernist artwork. And these are just a few of the museums there! 

The Park Inn Hotel. 

Now, if you’re a thrill-seeker, then heading to the Park Inn Hotel is definitely the place for you to go. And even if you aren’t one, this is still a great hotel to go to, especially thanks to the one activity that you won’t be able to do anywhere else. I’m talking about jumping from the top of the Park Inn Hotel roof. 

Yes, for a small price, you can jump the roof of the hotel and do what they call, base flying. It’s an extremely fun activity that should get anybody interested and excited to go really! So if you’re around, then this is one stop you definitely shouldn’t miss. 


Now, although we didn’t cover a lot of what you can really do in the city, these three are just some of the ones that you cannot miss at all. It is a great way to experience the uniqueness of the city, and see just how beautiful it is whether it be because of its architecture, art, or even activities. Berlin is a huge place with lots to do, so here are just a few of those things you and places to visit to enjoy the city in its fullest! 

The Best Countries to Travel to in Europe Next Year

A lot of people know that Europe is home to some of the classiest and sophisticated people in the world. Filled with art, beauty, lush landscapes, huge mountain ranges, and almost out of this world sceneries, the continent of Europe has a lot to offer all those who wish to do adventure. But with so many places to go, where do you start? 

Well, here, we’ve compiled some of the best countries to travel to next year. With Corona still being active and all, it can be quite difficult to travel to other countries these days, so just to be sure, keep yourself safe and sanitized when traveling. And of course, wear your masks. So without further ado, here are the best countries to travel to in Europe next year. 

Athens, Greece. 

The country where modern philosophy originated, Athens Greece is the number one place to visit in Europe thanks to its beautiful island, and unrivaled sceneries. The city has it all, warm sun, gastronomy, culture, philosophy, nightlife, communities, and the sea. It is the city where you will be able to feel enlightened and have the time of your life. 

But that isn’t all there is to Athens, because the city also has some of the most hospitable people. This is thanks to their ancient philosophy that revolved around building peace with other countries. So when you get here, don’t be too surprised when the people will already act as if you were a part of their family. 

Florence, Italy. 

The world capital of art still delivers to this day, as one of the top and hottest tourist destinations in Europe and in all of the world. This city is home to some of the most brilliant minds in art and is home to the people who revolutionized the world of art centuries ago. It is an utterly seductive city that will wrap you up with its grace and sophistication all throughout. 

But art is not the only thing that makes Florence a worthy spot to go to. Here, you’ll be able to experience some of the best food Italy has to provide. From deep dished pizza to the most brilliant coffee you will ever taste, the city of Florence is without a doubt, a masterpiece for all to enjoy. 

Budapest, Hungary. 

Considered to be one of the best and safest places to travel to, Budapest, Hungary stands as the number one place in Europe to go to. It is a city with almost everything, from lush landscapes to its rich architectural and historical heritage. Some may even say it has the elegance of Paris, the architecture of Vienna, the charm of Porto, and Stockholm’s way of life. It is the city where diverse cultures meet and exchange with others from across the globe. Which is what makes it such a hot destination for everybody to enjoy. 


Europe is not the biggest continent but does house some of the most sophisticated cities for everybody to experience. From the philosophy of Athens to the renaissance of Florence, and all the way to the streets of Budapest, Europe does not shy away with all its contributions to the modern world. This is why it’s open for all to enjoy now.