Here are Three Must Do’s When Visiting Spain

If you’re looking for wild nights with partying and drinks everywhere, or maybe a quiet hike along mountains or cruising along clear waters, then Spain is the country you should definitely be visiting.

 With its lush environments, great but a bit scorching weather, and endless travel opportunities, no wonder people are flocking to head to Spain whenever they can! Its cities are filled with life, and the fun almost never seems to stop! 

And that can be pretty overwhelming, but luckily, we’re here for you! So without further ado, here are three must do’s when visiting Spain! 

#1 Hike the Picos de Europa. 

If partying along the streets, visiting historical landmarks, or laying down on the beach isn’t your style, then how about a hike? And better yet, why not hike with some of the best views that you will be getting in all of Europe? 

The Picos de Europa is a mountain range that’s only 20km from Spain’s northern coast. It’s filled with some of the best views you will ever experience from the peaks of its mountains. But if going up is too much for you, then you can also head down, way down actually. Because the Picos de Europa also has some of the deepest caves in all of Europe, with the most notable one, the Torca del Cerro, with a depth of 1589 meters

So if going outside on an adventure is the thrill you’re looking for in Spain, then now, you know just where to go! 

#2 Experience La Tomatina. 

Spanish people are known to be a bit wild when partying. Whether it be nightclubs or bars, you can be sure that the Spanish will be having the time of their lives there. But what you didn’t know, is that it can get even crazier! 

In the city of Valencia, residents are known to have a very peculiar fiesta. La Tomatina, which just translates to the Tomato. Before the fiesta, people would have a feast for paella first, but when the day comes, people would take to the streets and start pelleting each other with tomatoes! 

It’s definitely a weird yet extremely fun fiesta to experience! So if you can do so, then how about dropping by and throwing a couple of tomatoes then? 

#3 Visit Madrid. 

There is no doubt that the heart of the country is the city of Madrid. And with good reason too! 

The Spanish capital boasts itself as the busiest city in the country, with everyone almost always on the move and trying to get somewhere. But when night hits, that is when you see Spain for what it truly is. A huge party with everybody having the time of their lives! 

It may be too much for you to handle, but it is something you should still experience yourself! And maybe the next day you can visit a museum or two to get rid of your hangover! 


If you want to live a life where you party one night, and then explore a cave the next day, then Spain is the country for you to check out. It has everything you would ever want, with lush beaches, endless forests, urban jungles, and welcoming people all around. So if you ever decide to visit, now you know what you’ll be doing first!