The Best Countries to Travel to in Europe Next Year

A lot of people know that Europe is home to some of the classiest and sophisticated people in the world. Filled with art, beauty, lush landscapes, huge mountain ranges, and almost out of this world sceneries, the continent of Europe has a lot to offer all those who wish to do adventure. But with so many places to go, where do you start? 

Well, here, we’ve compiled some of the best countries to travel to next year. With Corona still being active and all, it can be quite difficult to travel to other countries these days, so just to be sure, keep yourself safe and sanitized when traveling. And of course, wear your masks. So without further ado, here are the best countries to travel to in Europe next year. 

Athens, Greece. 

The country where modern philosophy originated, Athens Greece is the number one place to visit in Europe thanks to its beautiful island, and unrivaled sceneries. The city has it all, warm sun, gastronomy, culture, philosophy, nightlife, communities, and the sea. It is the city where you will be able to feel enlightened and have the time of your life. 

But that isn’t all there is to Athens, because the city also has some of the most hospitable people. This is thanks to their ancient philosophy that revolved around building peace with other countries. So when you get here, don’t be too surprised when the people will already act as if you were a part of their family. 

Florence, Italy. 

The world capital of art still delivers to this day, as one of the top and hottest tourist destinations in Europe and in all of the world. This city is home to some of the most brilliant minds in art and is home to the people who revolutionized the world of art centuries ago. It is an utterly seductive city that will wrap you up with its grace and sophistication all throughout. 

But art is not the only thing that makes Florence a worthy spot to go to. Here, you’ll be able to experience some of the best food Italy has to provide. From deep dished pizza to the most brilliant coffee you will ever taste, the city of Florence is without a doubt, a masterpiece for all to enjoy. 

Budapest, Hungary. 

Considered to be one of the best and safest places to travel to, Budapest, Hungary stands as the number one place in Europe to go to. It is a city with almost everything, from lush landscapes to its rich architectural and historical heritage. Some may even say it has the elegance of Paris, the architecture of Vienna, the charm of Porto, and Stockholm’s way of life. It is the city where diverse cultures meet and exchange with others from across the globe. Which is what makes it such a hot destination for everybody to enjoy. 


Europe is not the biggest continent but does house some of the most sophisticated cities for everybody to experience. From the philosophy of Athens to the renaissance of Florence, and all the way to the streets of Budapest, Europe does not shy away with all its contributions to the modern world. This is why it’s open for all to enjoy now.

10 Hidden Locations That are Bucket List Worthy

There is a place in Oregon that mother nature has created, and it is mesmerizing to watch. 

This place is called Thor’s Well, and it looks like a bottomless sinkhole bordering the shore of the Pacific Ocean. It’s the kind of spot where you do not want to get too close but at the same time, you can’t seem to stay away from it either. It is located a few miles south of Yachats, Oregon near Cape Perpetua. The hole was named after the Romanian God “Norse” who was the “God of Thunder.”

Nature creates these amazing places for us to see all the time. This one was created after a sea cave collapsed underwater and it is now a tourist attraction with the display of wild suctioned waters.

The Hole

When the ocean is in high tide, the water fills up from the bottom, splashes upward, and then it seems to drain back down the hole all in one wave. It is truly hypnotizing. The hole was measured to be about 20 feet deep, so it is not a bottomless pit, but it sure does look that way from the top.

There is no specific season or time that you should go to see the water in action. But to experience the full effect it is suggested that you check for high tides and go an hour before they begin. The high tides are what makes the water in the hole look so dramatic and unbelievable.

Getting there

Getting to Thor’s Well is rather easy. It is about three miles from Cape Perpetua visiting center and it is suggested to park at the Cooks Chasm pull out. From there you can take the small hike down to Thor’s Hole.

You don’t have to hike down if you don’t want to, but there is a scenic trail you can follow. The views are amazing and when you’re closer, you get to experience the full effect.

Bonus Sites

When visiting this amazing site, two bonus locations are nearby and worth doing making the extra walking for. They are both within walking distance of each other and they are the Devil’s Churn and the Spouting Horn.

Devils Churn is about half a mile away and from Thor’s Well. It is a thin indention that comes into the shore from the Pacific Ocean. It has a small trail that you can walk down the side to get a better view of the water splashing against the huge rocks.

Spouting horn is also about a minute away from Thor’s Well. The pressure of the waves and air builds up inside of the rock until it explodes out through the top. It is like when a whale comes up for air and spouts all the water out of the top of its head. It does the same thing but only comes from this one rock and it is amazing to watch.

For all three locations, I would go during high tide and watch nature at its finest.