Wonderful Sights You Will See Driving to Colorado

When you are driving to Colorado, you may want to consider stopping a few times because of all the sights to see on the way. It is going to be a long road trip so you may as well make a few stops for a bathroom break and a few pictures at some tourist sites. Here are a few sights you will see driving to Colorado:

UFO House

Located in Genesee Mountain, this house is named after the architecture who got his hands dirty with this excellent masterpiece. One look at this house and you are going to be led to believe that there are aliens living inside it. Of course, there is no such thing as aliens as the person who requested to have this house built just thinks there is life out there in space. 

Big Hot Dog

The Coney Island Diner sure made a good impression on social media enthusiasts. Their huge hot dog can attract a large number of tourists anytime due to how big it is. When you get real close to it, you are going to think that it is a real hot dog. Better resist the urge of eating it and just go inside the restaurant and have something much smaller. After all, the restaurants serves some fine food so better get your appetite ready as you are going to be in for a great meal while sharing awesome stories with your friend. 

Dragon Castle

The castle was built by none other than a bloke named James Bishop back in the day. He sure had quite an imagination as he thought he was living int he Medieval era. Located at Westcliffe, the castle even has a drawbridge and you can tell Bishop preferred to have lived in the Medieval times even though it may be kind of a hassle to wear all those knight suits all the time. It will make you feel hot inside. 

Wooden Gas Station

Built almost a century ago, it is amazing how this wooden gas station can withstand the test of time and natural disasters that come its way. Located in Lamar, the structure was odd enough to earn a spot in Ripley’s Believe it or Not. It is expected to last several more decades as there are people committed to making it withstand the tests of time. When that happens, you know you have done a great job with it. 


There are numerous sights to stop by on your way to Colorado to either get gas or something to eat. There is no need to go all the way and not stop as your butt may hurt from all that driving. Besides, you will need to pee one way or the other in a long road trip even if you fall asleep. There will be some points when you will feel that it would be time to turn back. The point is it would be better to just stay away and make the most out of the entire road trip.